1.Send drawing and relevant documents in electronic version. Then, it is competition organization committee that will print and present them. Participants shall send drawing and relevant documents to badi2013ued@126.com with its subject being “participation”.


2.Language: official language of the competition is English (language used to describe title, school name, author and main design shall be written in English). Students from Chinese mainland can provide drawing in English and Chinese both and students from Macao and Hong Kong and international students shall provide drawing in English.


3.Documents: participants need to attach identifiable ID scanning copy in e-mail (students from Chinese mainland shall provide their ID scanning copy and students from Macao and Hong Kong and international students shall provide their passport scanning copy) and electronic scanning copy of student ID card and competition application form in electronic version. They shall be responsible for authenticity of documents and above documents shall be affixed with official seal of schools where students are studying.


4.Specifications of works

a. Specification: with adoption of horizontal type-setting of 841mm x594mm, every works shall be composed of three drawings.

b. Contents: general plan drawing to fully express ideas and intentions of works, drawings for plans, sections and elevations, perspective drawing, diagram and design descriptions (combined in drawing and diagram) about 500 words with unlimited ratio.

c. While submitting works, a text (in TXT format, named in registration sequence number-your name) named by designer shall be attached, including name of author, registration sequence number, e-mail, phone number, name and contact method (if there is) of instructor, full name of university and school, design name and brief introduction to design.





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